I'm Theo, a Full Stack Developer from Sydney, Australia.

I've been a technical consultant for the last three years, where I've had the opportunity to work on broad range of greenfield projects. Industries I've developed solutions for include natural resources, education, and the automotive industry.

Currently I work as a Technical Consultant and Full-Stack Developer atAlembic, a Sydney-based consultancy specialising in Elixir, Phoenix, LiveView and the Ash Framework.

While I'm a Full Stack Developer by trade, I lean more towards Front End Development and enjoy building clean and intuitive user experiences. I also have a background in Fine Art, and have dabbled in the realm of UX/UI design - something I would be keen to dive further into if the opportunity arises.

I'm passionate about accessibility, developer experience (particularly documentation) and sharing knowledge with others in the form of blog posts and talks. When I'm not working on code, I make art and knit and crochet for charity.