Solving Freelancer Rates on the Gleam Exercism track

Exercism kindly invited me to stream a walkthrough of a solution to an exercise I wrote for the Gleam language track as part of Functional February!

I learned Gleam in a week - here's how it went

I decided to learn Gleam in the span of a week and share my experience with other devs who also have an Elixir background.

ElixirConf 2022 Wrap Up

I cover the highlights and major announcements from ElixirConf 2022 and share my experience with the rest of the Sydney Elixir community.

Wordle, Elixir Flavour - ElixirConf 2022 Presentation

I walk through how I learned to use Elixir, Phoenix and LiveView in a production environment by building a clone of the popular browser-based word game.

Testing LiveViews - A Beginner's Guide

I share my learnings through my trial-and-error journey into the world of testing LiveViews, and highlight some common pitfalls that may puzzle other beginners.